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Study Title
(C) = Confirmatory
(E) = Exploratory
Lead Author Date Submitted to Registry Study ID Number Link to Registered Information

Does ganzfeld stimulation elicit a shift away from normal waking consciousness, and is this associated with ESP task success? (C)

Chris Roe
David Saunders
Ewan Maclean

20th Feb 2023 1076 KPU Registry 1076

Environmental Parapsychology: Systematic Reviews of Neural Correlates of Altered-Anomalous Experiences in Laboratory Versus Field Settings (E)

James Houran 30th Jan 2023 1075 KPU_Registry_1075

Testing precognition in the ganzfeld with selected participants (C)

Caroline Watt

7th Feb 2023 (date revised)
10th Jan 2023



Exploring the use of floatation tanks as a means to induce psi-conducive states of consciousness (E)

Glenn Hitchman 23rd Nov 2022 1073 KPU Registry 1073
Psi@Home: A Study with Meditator and General Public Cohorts (C)
Peter Bancel 9th Nov 2022 1072 KPU Registry 1072

An evaluation of the effect of the habitual abstinence from consumption of meat and dairy in a quasi-experimental ganzfeld precognitive task (E)

Michael Daw 20th Sept 2022 1071 KPU Registry 1071

Protocol for testing the robustness of accurate intuitive abilities and assessment of reproducibility with a group of selected talented individuals (E)

Arnaud Delorme, Helané Wahbeh & Dean Radin 19th May 2022 1070 KPU Registry 1070

The Effects of Imagery-Cultivation on Phenomenological and Paranormal Experience (C)

Lance Storm 18th May 2022 1069 KPU Registry 1069

Pre-registered field test of an ‘Enchantment—Psi’ loop (C)

Rense Lange & James Houran 12th April 2022 1068 KPU Registry 1068

Exploring the relationship between sensory processing sensitivity and dream precognition (E)

Elizabeth Roxburgh, David Vernon & Malcolm Schofield 26th Oct 2022 1067 KPU Registry 1067

Exploring the potential difference in executive cognitive functions of individuals with alleged mediumistic abilities (E)

Chris Connelly, David Vernon & James Cane 10th March 2022 1066 KPU Registry 1066
Study Results Summary
KPU 1066 data
KPU 1066 data definition

Individual differences factors affecting ESP performance following ganzfeld stimulation: A meta-analysis (E)

Chris Roe, Glenn Hitchman & Adam Rock 5th Nov 2021 1065 KPU Registry 1065
Exploring the relationship between sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) and anomalous experiences (E) Elizabeth Roxburgh, David Vernon & Malcolm Schofield 18th Oct 2021 1064

KPU Registry 1064

Study Results Summary

KPU 1064 data

KPU 1064 data definition

Retrocausal cueing: Investigating retrocausal influences in cued action (C)

Jordan Wehrman 17th Sept 2021 1063 KPU Registry 1063
A telephone telepathy study: Does genetic relatedness influence psychic abilities? (C)
Helané Wahbeh

20th July 2022 (Date revised, 4)

14th March 2022 (Date revised, 3)

23rd Feb 2022 (Date revised, 2)

28th July 2021


KPU Registry 1062_4

KPU Registry 1062_3

KPU Registry 1062_2

KPU Registry 1062

Attitudes and Beliefs as Predictors of Psi Effects in a Pseudo-Gambling Task (C)

Lance Storm 3rd June 2022 1061 KPU Registry 1061
Retroactive priming of a compound remote associates task using pre-selected participants (C) David Vernon & Malcolm Schofield 17th Feb 2021 1060 KPU Registry 1060

Darkness, Light and Numinosity in Remote Viewing Success (C)

Stanley Krippner & David Saunders 27th Jan 2021 1059 KPU Registry 1059

The Effects of Imagery-Cultivation on Mood and Psi Performance (E)

Lance Storm 26th Jan 2021 1058 KPU Registry 1058
The Institute of Noetic Science Discovery Lab: A Systematic Investigation of the relationship between Interconnectedness, Extended Human Capacities, and Well-being. (C) Helané Wahbeh 31st Aug 2020 1057 KPU Registry 1057

Three confirmatory analyses of precognition and micro-PK data gathered using online methods (C)

Julia Mossbridge 29th April 2020 1056 KPU Registry 1056
Associations among Experience, Confidence, Transliminality and Ability to Locate and Describe Targets in Experienced Remote Viewers (C) Jennifer Lyke 27th Sept 2019 1055 KPU Registry 1055
PsyPhotos (C) Patrizio Tressoldi & Luciano Pederzoli 3rd Oct 2019 1054 KPU Registry 1054
Reproductive Hormonal Status as a Predictor of Precognition: Pregnancy Experiment; A confirmatory experiment (C) Julia Mossbridge 16th Jan 2020 (date revised)


27th Sept 2019

1053 KPU_Registry_1053_2


KPU Registry 1053

Test of mediumship to showcase the facilities at the research laboratory of the Arthur Findlay College — a conceptual replication of Delorme et al. (2013) (E) Chris Roe, David Saunders & Rachel Evenden 11th July 2019 1052 KPU Registry 1052
Experimenter Effect and Replication in Psi Research: Round III of a Global Initiative (C) Marilyn Schlitz, Arnaud Delorme & Daryl Bem 13th Feb 2019 1051

KPU Registry 1051
Published Results (version 2, March 2021)

The psychology and parapsychology of spiritual emergency (E) Lance Storm 9th Feb 2019 1050 KPU Registry 1050
Mind-matter interaction at distance on a standalone device (C) Patrizio Tressoldi & Luciano Pederzoli 21st Feb 2019 1049 KPU Registry 1049


Published Results

Telephone telepathy, an Italian independent exact replication (C) Patrizio Tressoldi & Rupert Sheldrake 3rd Nov 2018 1048 KPU Registry 1048
Investigation of the phenomenology and impact of spontaneous After-Death Communications (E) Chris Roe, Evelyn Elsaesser & Cal Cooper 4th Jul 2018 1047 KPU Registry 1047
An implicit and explicit assessment of morphic resonance theory using Chinese characters (C) David Vernon 23rd May 2018 1046 KPU Registry 1046
Study Results Summary
KPU 1046 data
KPU 1046 data definition

Facial Recognition Replication Experiment (C)

Sharon Su
& Stephen Baumgart
26th Feb 2019 (date revised)
26th Jun 2018 (date revised)
19th May 2018
1045 KPU Registry 1045_3
KPU Registry 1045_2
KPU Registry 1045
Reactance in a Psi Task Using a Fuzzy Set Encoded Target Pool (E) Lance Storm 25th Feb 2018 1044 KPU Registry 1044
KPU 1044 data
KPU 1044 data definition
Reproductive Hormonal Status as a Predictor of Precognition: A Confirmatory Experiment (C) Julia Mossbridge 16th Feb 2018 1043

KPU Registry 1043

Study Results Summary

Follow-up Study of Pre-Stimulus EEG Response to Random Light/Sound Stimuli (E) Stephen Baumgart & Sharon Su 11th Jan 2019 (date revised)
28th Sept 2018 (date revised)
6th Feb 2018
1042 KPU Registry 1042_3
KPU Registry 1042_2
KPU Registry 1042
Reproductive Hormonal Status as a Predictor of Precognition: An Exploratory Experiment (E) Julia Mossbridge 5th Feb 2018 1041 KPU Registry 1041
Comparing individual versus group judgements and testing for displacement effects in a Dream ESP Study (E) Chris Roe 19th Jan 2018 1040 KPU Registry 1040
Individual differences in ganzfeld precognition task performance with selected participants (E) Caroline Watt 4th Dec 2017 1039 KPU Registry 1039
Published Results
Individual difference correlates of lottery success (C) Marco Zdrenka 22nd Sept 2017 1038

KPU Registry 1038
Study Results

Precognitive priming of compound remote associates: Using an implicit creative insight task to elicit precognition (C) David Vernon 18th Sept 2017 1037 KPU Registry 1037
Study Results Summary
KPU 1037 data
KPU 1037 data definition
Measuring precognitive effects using a fast implicit and fast explicit task (C) David Vernon 28th Jun 2017 1036 KPU Registry 1036
Study Results Summary
KPU 1036 data
KPU 1036 data definition
An Examination of the Effects of Mood and Emotion on a Real-World Computer System and Networking Environment (E) John Kruth 19th Jun 2017 1035 KPU Registry 1035
The Associative Remote Viewing Rejudging Project (E) Igor Grgić, Debra Katz & Patrizio Tressoldi 10th Apr 2017 1034 KPU Registry 1034
Imagination and Reactance in a Psi Task Using the Imagery Cultivation Model and a Fuzzy Set Encoded Target Pool (E) Lance Storm 28th Mar 2017 1033 KPU Registry 1033


Published Results

The Self-field – test of an immersive binary psi task (E) Mario Varvoglis & Peter Bancel 24th Mar 2017 1032 KPU Registry 1032
Exact replication of the Correlation Matrix Method experiment (KPU Registry study ID 1022) (E) Ana Flores 15th Mar 2017 1031 KPU Registry 1031
The Saybrook Remote Viewing Study (E) Alan Quan 6th Mar 2017 1030 KPU Registry 1030
The ACES Study (Anomalous Cognition with Electromagnetic Shielding) (C) Randy Fauver & Glenn Hartelius 6th Mar 2017 1029 KPU Registry 1029
Hypnotizing unconditional love and precognition (E) Julia Mossbridge 7th Dec 2016 1028 KPU Registry 1028
Retroactive facilitation of recall and music (C) Julia Mossbridge 11th Nov 2016 1027

KPU Registry 1027

Study Results Summary

A test of reward contingent precall (C) David Vernon 19th Oct 2016 1026 KPU Registry 1026
Study Results Summary
KPU 1026 data
KPU 1026 data definition
Testing precall using emotive images and participants with high levels of belief in psi (C) David Vernon 22nd Sept 2016 1025 KPU Registry 1025
Study Results Summary
KPU 1025 data
KPU 1025 data definition
A prospective meta-analysis of pre-registered ganzfeld ESP studies (C) Caroline Watt 22nd Nov 2017 (date revised) 1024 KPU Registry 1024
List of included studies
Baseline study of event-related potentials in pre-stimulus and post-stimulus time periods in response to light and sound stimuli using electroencephalography. (E) Stephen Baumgart 11th May 2016 1023 KPU Registry 1023
Correlation matrix replication study (E) Ana Flores 21st Mar 2016 1022 KPU Registry 1022



Examining possible effects of precall using arousing images in a lab based task (C) David Vernon 7th Jan 2016 1021 KPU Registry 1021
Study Results Summary
Associative remote viewing project (E) John Ives & Julia Mossbridge 4th Jan 2016 1020 KPU Registry 1020
Exploring precall using arousing images and utilising a memory practice task on-line (C) David Vernon 21st Dec 2015 1019 KPU Registry 1019
Study Results Summary
KPU 1019 data
KPU 1019 data definition
Single-trial confirmatory presentiment experiment (C) Julia Mossbridge 16th Dec 2015  1018 KPU Registry 1018
Study Results Summary
Intention and brain to brain communication with non-invasive techniques (E) Anabela Ventura 17th Nov 2015  1017 KPU_Registry_1017
Experimenter effect and replication in psi research: Round II of a global initiative (C) Marilyn Schlitz, Arnaud Delorme & Daryl Bem 24th Aug 2015 1016

Published Results

Remote meditation support – a multimodal distant intention experiment (C) Stefan Schmidt, Han-Gue Jo, Marc Wittman
& Thilo Hinterberger
14th Jul 2016 (date revised) 1015

Publication Abstract

Training anomalous cognition in a motor task with subliminal auditory feedback (E) John Palmer 10th Aug 2015 1014 KPU Registry 1014
Can our mind emit light? A confirmatory experiment of mental interaction at distance on a photomultiplier (C) Patrizio Tressoldi & John Kruth 6th Jul 2015 1013 KPU Registry 1013
Published Results
Biophotons as physical correlates of mental interaction at distance: a new confirmatory study (C) Patrizio Tressoldi & John Kruth 29th Apr 2015 1012 KPU Registry 1012
Published Results
CardioAlert: A portable assistant for the choice between negative or positive random events (C) Patrizio Tressoldi 17th Mar 2015 1011 KPU_Registry_1011
Published Results
Biophotons as physical correlates of mental interaction at distance: a confirmatory study (C) Patrizio Tressoldi & John Kruth 8th Oct 2014 1010 KPU_Registry_1010
Published Results
Mind-matter interaction at distance on a random events generator (REG): a confirmatory study (C) Patrizio Tressoldi 15th May 2014 1009 KPU_Registry_1009
Published Results
Brain-to-brain (mind-to-mind) interaction at distance: a proof of concept of mental telecommunication (C) Patrizio Tressoldi 23rd Apr 2014 1008 KPU_Registry_1008
Published Results
Experimenter effect and replication in psi research (C) Marilyn Schlitz, Arnaud Delorme & Daryl Bem 19th Nov 2013 1007

Published Results

Evaluation of alterations of consciousness and the Model of Pragmatic Information in a ganzfeld protocol (C) Etzel Cardeña 23rd Aug 2013 1006

Published Results

Single-trial presentiment experiment (E) Julia Mossbridge 5th Dec 2014 (date revised) 1005 KPU_Registry_1005
Does characteristic alpha EEG activity predict upcoming sensory events? (C) Julia Mossbridge 7th May 2013 1004 KPU_Registry_1004
Study Results Summary
Precognitive Dreaming: Sleep Lab Study (C) Caroline Watt 25th Apr 2013 1003 KPU_Registry_1003
Published Results
Pupil dilation prediction of random negative events. Can they be avoided? (C) Patrizio Tressoldi 1st Feb 2013 1002 KPU_Registry_1002
Published Results
Pupil dilation accuracy in the prediction of random events (C) Patrizio Tressoldi 26th Nov 2012 1001 KPU_Registry_1001
Published Results
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*Note: A study registration contains key information about the experimenter’s plans for a study. The registration process does not consider whether the planned statistical analyses are appropriate, whether the planned experimental procedures preclude alternative explanations, or whether the planned hypotheses are meaningful. Registration is not an endorsement of the study by the Koestler Parapsychology Unit