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2 Responses to Caro2016

  1. Dear Mrs. Caroline Watt,

    having done my study about Nietzsche with the title:
    “Nietzsche: Der Nihilismus als die innere Logik der Metaphysik.”
    I am very acquainted with themes, that long into the future of
    human understanding and for me the most important capability
    is the ability to differentiate überich, ich und es or vorbewußt,
    bewußt und unbewußt. And at last: From the 200 predicted
    nihilistic years the first 116 have done a fantastic job, so that
    we can be quite sure that the rest will be the best of it so far.

    Yours sincerely

    Heinz W. Rutetzki


  2. Hiroshi Sakiyama says:

    My name is Hiroshi Sakiyama.
    I live in Japan.
    It is 48 years old.

    I have great respect for you.
    I want so see you.
    I have a special force.

    I have the ability of telepathy.

    The “Satorare”, refers to a fictitious name of a disease or patient that exhibiting symptoms
    that would propagate around every thought becomes a Vicious Mind wave.

    for which leads to mental collapse from the pain, which is known to all of the thinking
    around if the notice to the person,

    in Japan to protect the Satorare committee consisting organization
    It is, because it has become a basic structure of the story. Although it strongly is influenced
    by the movie “The Truman Show”, rather than a mere imitation, bringing the setting of Satorare,
    thereby hold the exquisite balance and deployment of the story.

    Naming of “Satorare” is believed to have come from the passive voice of the monster “Satori” to read a person’s thinking.
    In addition, during the work also exists humans become unable to sense the thoughts of Satorare (close to rather paranoia)
    neurosis the humans and their constitution as “Satorezu” convinced that Satorare [1].

    In 2001 was made into a movie (Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro, Cast: Masanobu Ando, Kyoka Suzuki) In addition,
    the television drama in 2002 in the TV Asahi, Thursdays drama (starring: Mayu Tsuruta, Odagiri Joe) was deaf.

    Others are dealt funny interesting it.
    Also very troubled not worn on the regular job.

    Sometimes been treated criminals, are sometimes transformation treatment.
    This life is sick anymore.
    I want to live with hope.
    Life is only once.

    Or spend a full of world in this state stress,
    It is full and there is the question whether such that for the people.

    I do not speak English.


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