Caro2020SmallerProfessor Caroline Watt: Koestler Chair of Parapsychology
A founding member of the KPU, Prof Watt is interested in methodological issues in parapsychology. She runs a registry for parapsychological studies with Jim Kennedy. She is Past President of the Parapsychological Association, and held the Perrott-Warrick Senior Researcher Fellowship from 2010-2014. She developed both the KPU’s online parapsychology course and website, and is author of Parapsychology: A Beginner’s Guide, and co-author of An Introduction to Parapsychology (5th Edition).
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Dr Peter Lamont:
Koestler Senior Lecturer
Dr Lamont joined the KPU in 1996. He has published extensively on the history and psychology of magic and the paranormal, particularly the history of unorthodox psychological phenomena, and the discursive psychology of beliefs about the paranormal. His latest book is The Secret History of Magic. He is Former Secretary of the British Psychological Society (History and Philosophy of Psychology Section), and an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. For additional information, click here

SMIanDr Ian Tierney: Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Tierney is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  He completed his PhD at the University of Stirling, and his clinical training in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh. For over 30 years he has collaborated with the KPU, advising individuals who are distressed by their paranormal experiences.  He and Prof Watt have published recommendations for clinical psychologists working with individuals reporting paranormal experiences.

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Marios Kittenis 2Dr Marios Kittenis : Bial Research Fellow
Dr Kittenis was awarded his PhD from Edinburgh University in 2008 for research conducted within the KPU on event-related EEG measures and parapsychology. After completing a post-doctoral research fellowship at Aston University in Birmingham, he returned to the KPU in 2013 to undertake a programme of research into hypnotic susceptibility, amnesia and functional EEG connectivity (funded by the Bial Foundation).


Professor Thomas Rabeyron: Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Rabeyron obtained his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Lyon under the co-supervision of Prof Watt. He is currently a clinical psychologist and a professor in clinical psychology and pathology at University of Lorraine (Nancy site), researching clinical counselling about anomalous experience, presentiment, and possible psi applications. In 2014 he joined the KPU as an Honorary Research Fellow. His book Clinique des Experiences Exceptionnelles was released March 2020. For additional information, click here.



Ana Flores: PhD student
Ana Flores joined the KPU in September 2015 as a PhD student supervised by Prof Caroline Watt. Her PhD addresses replication issues in parapsychology, focusing on testing the ‘elusive psi’ hypothesis through studies replicating the Correlation Matrix Method.





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Abby Pooley: PhD student
Abby Pooley graduated with a Psychology degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2018. After completing an MSc, she returned to Edinburgh in September 2019 to begin a PhD supervised by Prof Caroline Watt. Her PhD focuses on ganzfeld ESP research as a case study pertaining to methodological issues in psychology.