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Coming up: conference on “Psychic Phenomena and Consciousness”

Here’s the poster for the forthcoming SPR conference, which is in Newcastle (UK) 21-23 September. There will be two papers reporting latest KPU work (precognition research using the ganzfeld method, and studies replicating Walach and von Lucadou’s Correlation Matrix Method). … Continue reading

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Inaugural lecture!

I don’t think I’ve ever given a lecture in front of family and friends as well as academic colleagues and the general public. So it is with more nerves than usual that I announce my inaugural Professorial lecture in Edinburgh … Continue reading

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Amplified states of consciousness: Bial Symposium preview

Next week the 12th Bial Foundation Symposium takes place in Oporto, on the theme of Enhancing the Mind. The Symposium has three sessions of invited speakers. The first session is on the topic of Cognitive Enhancement, and has presentations from … Continue reading

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Ten years of online parapsychology

In September 2008 I launched the KPU’s online parapsychology course. It continues to run twice per year (beginning April and September), and is designed to give a balanced introduction to the field of parapsychology. It does this partly through providing … Continue reading

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How to plan falsifiable confirmatory research

  Karl Popper used the black swan as a simple example of how to falsify the hypothesis that all swans are white. But how do psychologists falsify hypotheses about more complex human abilities and behaviour? Jim Kennedy has just posted … Continue reading

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‘Work with a fraudulent PK metal-bending subject’

Many of you will have heard about ‘Project Alpha’, which was the brainchild of James Randi (pictured). In the late 1970s the aviation pioneer James McDonnell granted $500,000 to the University of Washington to set up a parapsychology laboratory. The … Continue reading

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Precognition: From Life to Lab

This weekend, I hope to visit Oslo for the first time, as an invited speaker for a conference to celebrate the centenary of the Norsk Parapsykologisk Selskap (I think that roughly translates as Norwegian Parapsychological Society.) Other speakers include Dr … Continue reading

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From Séance to Science: Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick

Who is Psychology’s Greatest Hero? A few days ago, I sparred with my Psychology dept colleagues Dr Stuart Ritchie and Dr Thomas Bak in a fun event at Edinburgh Science Festival. We each had 12 minutes to make a pitch … Continue reading

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Representing parapsychology at #icps2017vie

Prof Etzel Cardena, of Lund University, kindly invited me to contribute to a symposium on anomalous experiences at the International Convention of Psychological Science meeting in Vienna.  ICYMI here is a wee preview of our symposium and my presentation. Title: … Continue reading

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Things that go Bump! in the mind

Are you interested in the science behind table-tilting, near-death experiences and ghostly sightings? What is the surprising link between a telepathic experience and one of the greatest breakthroughs in neuroscience? I’m very excited to be speaking about this, and much … Continue reading

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