Coming up: conference on “Psychic Phenomena and Consciousness”

Here’s the poster for the forthcoming SPR conference, which is in Newcastle (UK) 21-23 September. There will be two papers reporting latest KPU work (precognition research using the ganzfeld method, and studies replicating Walach and von Lucadou’s Correlation Matrix Method). Also, there will be invited talks on consciousness from Bernardo Kastrup and Rupert Sheldrake. It’s a relatively inexpensive conference to attend, especially if you are a student. But don’t delay – registration closes 14th Sept! Link to registration, and more programme info on this page.

SPR Conference Poster Speakers2018

About Caroline Watt

Prof Caroline Watt is a founder member of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
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3 Responses to Coming up: conference on “Psychic Phenomena and Consciousness”

  1. Are you never ashamed to call yourself a professor in a subject which cannot be proved to exist?


    • So, reading between the lines, it is a great excuse to goof-off at someone else’s expense. There is similarly a flourishing ‘conference-circuit’ in which notorious perpetual-motion inventors are invited to beanos all over the world. We are well aware that the testing of scam-artists and frauds and old wives tales led to the tightening-up of experimental protocols. But the pseudoscience of parapsychology cannot claim to be an essential prime mover in that. After all, Herodotus mentions that the predictions of an ancient seer were tested. And White’s book on The Warfare of Science with Religion mentions cases where even priests took precautions to detect deception.


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