Things that go Bump! in the mind

2017-website-banner-aAre you interested in the science behind table-tilting, near-death experiences and ghostly sightings? What is the surprising link between a telepathic experience and one of the greatest breakthroughs in neuroscience? I’m very excited to be speaking about this, and much much more, in just a couple of days from now, at Brighton Science Festival.

The organisers just informed me that tickets are nearly sold out, so don’t delay if you want to book to guarantee your place. Click here for the full event listing.

About Caroline Watt

Prof Caroline Watt is a founder member of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
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2 Responses to Things that go Bump! in the mind

  1. jo bryan says:

    Read you message with interest.I have always had an interest in esp and other phenomenon . Unfortunately traveling any distance is restricted by my current financial circumstances. Jo Bryan


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