About the forthcoming ICPS Symposium on Anomalous Cognition

RabeyronThe KPU is sponsoring Thomas Rabeyron’s participation in a symposium on parapsychology at the inaugural International Convention of Psychological Science in Amsterdam this Friday 13th March at 12.30pm. The symposium is entitled:

Anomalous Cognition: Cognitive Biases, Methodological Artifacts, or ….

The Chair is Patrizio Tressoldi, of the University of Padova, Italy

The program entry that describes the symposium contributors and content is quoted below.

This is a methodological symposium wherein the cumulative evidence supporting the hypothesis that human mind may receive both sensory and non-sensory mediated conscious or unconscious information will be examined with the audience for potential methodological and statistical flaws

Storm et al. (2010,2013), Mossbridge et al. (2012) and Bem et al. (submitted): Exceptional Claims or Exceptional Flaws?
Patrizio Tressoldi
Università di Padova, Italy
Storm et al. (2010,2013), Mossbridge et al. (2012) and Bem et al. (submitted) meta-analyses will be presented underlying their methodology and main results. Potential methodological and statistical flaws undermining the reported findings will be examined.

Precognition or Artifacts? Why Most Psychologists Should Care Very Seriously About the PSI Anomaly
Thomas Rabeyron
University of Nantes, France
Is evidence supporting anomalous cognition the sign of questionable research practice or the proof of anomalous forms of cognition? Both explanations could be very useful for psychologist and we will propose several means to respond to this question with consequence for the whole field of psychology

Precognition: Is it a Real Phenomenon?
Markus Maier
University of Munich, Germany
Studies involving unconscious and affective information processing are the most promising candidates for an increased likelihood of replicability. A critical discussion of conservative statistical methods and meta-analytic strategies as well as Bayesian approaches will be provided. A theoretical framework to predict pre-cognitive effects in psychological experiments will be discussed.

Co-Author: Vanessa Büechner, Department of Psychology, University of Munich, Munich, Germany

For more about ICPS, visit the conference homepage here.

About Caroline Watt

Prof Caroline Watt is a founder member of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
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