This Week in Parapsychology

imagesSeriously Possessed. On Sat 7th March, the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit is co-hosting a day conference with the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, on possession and exorcism. The speakers will include APRU head Chris French, Ciaran O’Keeffe, Lionel Fanthorpe, Susan Leybourne, Duncan Barford, and Jon Kaneko-James. If you register before the end of February, rates are discounted. For more information, click here.

Anatomy of a fake viral NDE story. Did you hear the one about…? Digg provides this interesting analysis of the spread of a fake story about a priest who encountered a female God-figure during his NDE. Find out more here. (via @SPR1882)

Parapsychology: A Beginner’s Guide. On Wednesday, I sent my publisher the first draft of my new book. It’s out later this year – watch this space for book news!

Science of the Paranormal Workshop. Last night I had a great time performing my new workshop (twice!) at Brighton Science Festival. Co-created with Richard Wiseman, the audience take part in hands-on demos and experiments showing how parapsychologists test claims of psychic abilities. Thanks to everyone who came along and joined in the fun. Announcements of future performances will be posted here.

The Ockham awards for skeptical activism are looking for nominees for 2015 winners. Nominations close 14th March. More here.

Forthcoming doc on consciousness. Dean Radin features in this short ‘teaser video’ to promote a documentary on consciousness ‘The Deeper You Go’, out later this year. Here it is!

Grey Lady ghost – busted! The Mail Online have published a curious photo from Hampton Court Palace, asking ‘Is this the Grey Lady of Hampton Court?’ The story and photo is here. (I’m not sure I agree with friends who think it is Kate Bush standing on a box.) Someone has solved the mystery – the explanation is here.

More on Franek Kluski. Last month, I reported on Zofia Weaver’s new book about the Polish medium Franek Kluski (famous for his wax hand moulds – see my item here). Carlos Alvarado this week posted an interview with Weaver, which you can read here.

And finally…

x_filesMulder and Scully return! The X-Files reunion is on the cards. More here.


About Caroline Watt

Prof Caroline Watt is a founder member of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
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