This Week in Parapsychology

JamesRandi_2Randi retires…kinda. This week it was announced that James Randi, the indefatigable 86 year-old skeptic extraordinaire, is stepping down from JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation). However, as his statement makes clear, Randi’s ‘Amazing Adventure’ is to continue, just at a slightly more relaxed pace. That’s 73 years and counting. For more on Randi’s exploits, and a great picture of an apparent Guinness World Record Breaking Randi-esque-Beard-Wearing attempt, click here.

KluskiMouldsThe Mediumship of Franek Kluski.   Zofia Weaver has written a new book on the Polish medium Franek Kluski. Kluski is best known for his paraffin wax hand moulds claimed by some to be ‘permanent paranormal objects’. The Kluski hand moulds are held by the Institut Metapsychique International in Paris, and you can read more about them from the IMI website, here. Weaver’s sample chapter, posted by White Crow Books, is here. (via @SPR1882).

 APRU lecture videos. The Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit, run by Prof Chris French, has added some new videos of guest lecturers. These include Karen Majors on children’s imaginary companions, and Cal Cooper on ‘ghost therapy’. The ‘back-list’ includes Rupert Sheldrake on scientism, Sam Parnia on NDEs, and Richard Wiseman on ‘how parapsychologists nullify null results’. Fancy a weekend binge? You know you want to Click here.

LucidDreamMetacognition and lucid dreaming. Just out in Journal of Neuroscience, people who report experiencing lucid dreams also tend to be more self-reflective in their daily life. Not sure how much structural and functional MRI scanning adds to our understanding, but the psychology angle is interesting. For the story (via @PsyBlog), click here. For the paper authors and abstract, click here.

RomanDiceTower4th Century randomness. Oh the wonders of Twitter! @LoveArchaeology posted this amazing photo of a Roman tower for rolling dice. Below, we have a lovely pic from the archives showing apparatus that J.B. Rhine used to investigate psychokinesis with dice at Duke University.



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Prof Caroline Watt is a founder member of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
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